Abdul Salam Yaseen [ETA] Company is one of the Palestinian enterprises that were established in 1999 at Gaza Strip. The company was established by its founder (Mr. Abdul-Salam Yaseen) as a privately owned business. However, unlike other average local businesses, when established, the ultimate driving force of forming the company was not to generate profit and to increase the owner’s wealth only. The founder of the company , who can be described as an the entrepreneur, had has a clear vision of the company’s domain of business- that is to address one of the most strategic issues at the world in general and in the Occupied Palestinian territories in particular ; which is the water issue. Mr. Yaseen realized from the early beginning of his business journey that he will not be able to achieve his ambitious plans before passing through specific stations in his business journey to build-up required cumulative resources and expertise.
Accordingly, the company launched its business by trading all types of domestic, agricultural and industrial water and waste water pumps along with the associated maintenance parts, accessories, fittings and devices.
In 2003, the company has expanded its business in the field of water & waste water engineering to include importing and manufacturing large-scale water desalination units and plants. Initially, the company has started this branch of activity (new product)by importing ready water desalination units where the assembly and maintenance services. Within a short period henceforward, the company started to manufacture the vast majority of the unit except of the high-technology elements like the Reverse Osmosis membrane and the pumps. Other elements like the control panel, the booster, piping systems, houses and purification fittings were all manufactured in-house. This was another and may be the most important step towards gaining further competitive advantages as no single company in the local market which rely on importing such units and lacks the “know-how” competencies has the opportunity to compete in price, quality or even the customized offered options as well. In other words, up to date, ETA Company can be considered as the only company that is monopolizing the business of partially manufacturing the water desalination plants at Palestine. As of May 2011, the company has manufactured and assembled 79 water desalination plants based on the RO technology with wide spectrum of capacities, sizes and uses.  
Vision :
“To be the leader manufacturing & business local company in the market of water treatment and water/waste water engineering systems at Palestine and to ensure that every Palestinian enjoys the best possible standards of potable water, water & waste water technologies”
Mission :
ETA is a Palestinian company that is established to deliver innovative sustainable solutions to the water crisis at the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt) and to serve the Palestinian water engineering systems along with its economical, welfare and national development
systems along with its economical, welfare and national development contributions. Our central focus is the production of all water engineering systems and water treatment systems that deliver high-quality water, competitively-priced & economically-operated – all delivered consistently in friendly lifelong cooperation & customization.”
Thus, we maintain a presence in a variety of markets including but not limited to; construction equipment, agricultural equipment, others who distribute, manufacture, or store water engineering equipment and devices. In short, we are a robust company that adapts to the ups and downs in individual industries so our customers can depend on us to be there when they need us in good times and bad.
Philosophy :
We act responsibly when we help protect our environment, provide economic opportunity fairly, work safely, and consider the human being in all of our business affairs.
ETA’s values are rooted in the Islamic principles & Palestinian culture with full enthusiasm towards adopting and developing modern technologies and systems in a manner that match the specific socio-economic context at the oPt. ETA strives to provide to its staff a working environment that empowers all, promotes lifelong learning and encourages innovative & economical solutions.
Company Details and General information:
  • Company Name : Abdul Salam Yaseen Co. for General Trading & Contracting.
  • Location : Gaza – Tal Al-Hawa – Street No.8 | Gaza – Al-Jalaa Street .
  • P.O.Box : Gaza – El Sheikh Rodwan NO. 3065.
  • Tel : 1700 100 102
  • Tel: +970 8 2877636
  • Fax : +970 8 2877542
  • Mobile : +970 59 8555531
  • Email : etawaterpump@gmail.com
  • License No. : 201/63/2007 registered at Jabalia Municipality.
  • Vat No : 563449008 .
  • Bank Name : Bank of Palestine- Gaza – Remal .
  • Bank Account No. : 124577

Company Branches :
Gaza :

Main Branch : Tal Al-Hawa – Street No.8

North Branch : Al-Saftawi – last of Al-Jalaa Street

  • TEL :1700 100 102
  • TEL: +970 8 2627990
  • FAX :  +970 8 2627991
  • MOBILE :+970 59 8555531
  • EMAIL : EtaWaterPump@Gmail.com

west bank :

Ramallah Industrial Zone Beitunia

  • TEL : +972 22906003
  • FAX : +972 22906003

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Eta Water Company